Topic: Defining values of the scores for factors on the review form  (Read 64334 times)

We are using the simple review form as described in the manual
Configuration of the Reviewing Functions
Chapter: "Specific Settings per Submission Type / Track & Configuration of the Review Forms in ConfTool Pro".

The criteria which are given are fine, but we want to alter the scoring system.
We cannot use the predefined values of the score, i.e. 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10, as our reviewers are used to the scores 1-7.
How can we change the score range for all factors?

First, please allow us to point out that the predefined scoring system has proven methodological advantages over other scoring systems:
  • For a score from 0 to 10 it is clear in most cultures what the worst and the best score is. For a score from 1-7, the value 1 might be good or bad, often causing confusion (the so-called Likert scale is from the 1930s!)
  • Having an even number of values to choose from helps to avoid that many reviewers select the "average score". Many people tend to do this.
  • A scale of 6 steps is sufficient. People usually cannot provide a finer rating for the common questions asked in review forms.

If you still decide to change the values of the scoring system, first define the range of the review-scores, if necessary. Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Review Form Options and Factors

Now enable the Expert-Settings on the bottom of the page by clicking on the cogwheel or “Expert Settings Disabled”.
Enter a minimum and a maximum score from 0 to 10 according to your needs (see image 1).
Please note that the scoring range in ConfTool is the same for all questions in your form and that the low value always represents the "bad" evaluation.

Next, edit the factors for reviews and change their labels by clicking on "Edit Labels and Ratings" below the titles of the categories.

Make the changes in the entries called “Label for Criterion Value/Option #”. Enter definitions for the scores in the fields you want the reviewers to be able to choose from. It is advisable to also include the score as a numerical digit in this definition to inform the reviewers about the score value. Leave the other fields empty. Fields left empty will not be displayed to the reviewers and thus also not used for the calculation of the total score (see image 2).

Continue as described with all other categories.

Don’t forget to test your new settings and do a review of a test submission.

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