Topic: Deleting the assignments of reviewers to submissions that have been withdrawn  (Read 60230 times)

You have assigned a submission to reviewers for evaluation, but the submission has been withdrawn afterwards.

How can you delete the assignment?

You can of course also access submissions that were withdrawn.

Please go to
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => List of Submissions
Use the "filter options" to display withdrawn contributions.

Search for the respective submission and delete the assignment by using the link "Assign" on the right-hand side.

In general withdrawn submissions are not considered during the reviewer assignment process.

But when a submission had been assigned to a reviewer before, the assignment will not automatically be deleted with the withdrawal, but the chair will receive a warning message informing about the withdrawal so he can act accordingly and inform the reviewers.
Otherwise reviewers could be confused when submissions to evaluate just "disappear" from their list.