Topic: Blocking user access to invoices  (Read 85102 times)

We want to generate the invoices at a later time because we are thinking about using another system for invoicing.
How can we avoid that participants can access and print invoices themselves in their user accounts?

You can disable access to invoices in ConfTool user accounts.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Setup for Participant Registration
In the section "Invoices and Taxes" for the option "Show Registration Confirmations / Invoices to Participants?" change the setting to "No".
With this setting, participants will not have access to invoices in their user accounts.

However, participants will still receive a confirmation e-mail when they register for participation.
You can change the wording of this e-mail. Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases
... and enter the key "S_USER_PART_EMAIL_CONTENT1" into the search field "Enter Part of Phrase".
Then continue to update the wording.

Please test any new settings!

You can find more information on how to use ConfTool with an external invoicing system here:
How to issue pro forma invoices / quotations only?