Topic: How can I change phrases and sentences in the system?  (Read 57779 times)

Our conference uses very specific wording.
Can we therefore change words, phrases or whole sentences in ConfTool?

What is the use of the option "Wordings and Phrases"?

You cou can change all text labels of the system on the page "Wording and Phrases":
Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases 
In the search field "Enter Part of Phrase" enter the phrase you want to change and click on "Submit Search".
In the list of results, click on "Edit Phrase" to carry out the changes.

This feature is mainly for advanced users, therefore make sure to test any changes.
You might have to log out and in again to make the new wording appear, please see this forum entry for more information:
Changing the settings seems to have no effect

Most wordings in the system have been chosen with consideration, so please think twice before you change anything!

If you find any errors, please get back to us and we will fix it.