Topic: Editing the participant registration as an administrator  (Read 47270 times)

How can I edit the registration of a participant as an administrator?

Please go to the list of participants:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Registrations for Participation
… and in the right-hand column "Action" click on "Edit Registration" in the right-hand column (see image).
Then continue to edit the particpant's registration.

Please remember that actions that you carry out here will have an influence on the original invoice. Before you carry out any changes, print out the original invoice or save it locally, because saving the new registration form will overwrite the existing invoice in the system and it will no longer be available!

If you want to create a new invoice number, please go to the section "Administrative Data (only visible to admins and assistants)" and tick the checkbox of the option "Generate new Invoice Number". Alternatively, you can manually enter a new invoice number. But remember: There is always only one invoice stored for each participant in ConfTool.

It is probably a good idea to inform the participant about the changes directly after you have made them. Just use the button "Save Participant Data and Send a New Confirmation Mail" to send automated messages with the new information.

In the new registration e-mail, on the invoice and in the user account, the participant will directly see the new amount due, and in case payments have already been made, the missing amount will be clearly displayed.

The missing amount will be automatically calculated for all credit card gateways, PayPal and Stripe so that participants will simply have to click the payment button again to finish all transactions.

Likewise, any excess payment will be clearly visible on the documents. Take a look here to get more information about reimbursements:
Reimbursing payments via PayPal, Stripe and other online credit card payment gateways

Please note that participants usually cannot edit their registrations themselves as registrations should be binding. You can find more information here:
Allow participants to edit their bookings in the registration for participation