Topic: Entering payments in ConfTool Pro  (Read 56379 times)

We have received a payment from a participant, e.g. via bank transfer.
How do I enter payments in ConfTool Pro?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Please go to the list of participants

Overview  => User and Participant Management => List of All Registrations for Participation,

search for the corresponding registration and click on “Manage Payments” in the right-hand column (see image 1).
You can enter any payment amount here (image 2). Participants will receive an e-mail with the payment confirmation from the ConfTool system.

If you enter a negative amount, it will be handled as a refund. The participant will receive a corresponding e-mail.
Please see also this forum entry:,293.0.html

If a payment surcharge was deducted by the credit card company or bank from the total amount due, we recommend to enter the full payment of the participant (not the reduced amount), as banking costs are usually to be covered by the organizers and are also to be considered in the participation fees.
You will find a list of fees in your bank or credit card statement (from your bank).

Please note: If you have enabled "Pro Forma Invoices", an invoice number will be generated and the pro forma will be changed into an "normal" invoice after a payment was entered.

In the standard version of VSIS ConfTool you can also enter a payment amount, but it works differently. Go to the List of Participants click on "Edit", scroll down to "Administrative Data" and enter the payment amount here. Then save the updated participant data.
Please note that no confirmation mails are sent in the standard version.