Topic: Entering refunds / credit notes in ConfTool Pro  (Read 52635 times)

How can I enter a full refund for the payment of a registration that was canceled by the participant after the payment has been recorded in the system.
How can I enter a credit note?

Please go to:

Overview => User and Participant Management => Participants

Search for the respective participant and click on his / her name to see the "Details of the Participant's Registration".
Please select "Manage payments" to access all payments related to this participant.

Now, please select the payment you would like to refund from the list and then click on the button "Refund or Delete payment" (see image 1).
On the next page enter the amount you would like to refund (as positive amount) and click on the button "Refund Payment" (image 2). The participant will receive a corresponding e-mail ("Payment cancelled").

Alternatively, you can click the button "Enter a New Payment or Refund" and enter the refunded amount as new entry with a negative value (i.e. "-95" for 95 Euro reimbursement - see Image 3) to keep track of these transactions in the ConfTool system.
Please modify the text for the option "* Payment Details". This text will be displayed to the participant (see image).
The participant will also receive a corresponding e-mail ("Payment cancelled").

Do not delete the already recorded payment for refunds or credit notes!

If you want to delete a payment that was recorded erroneously, please see entry
Changing payment status / cancelation of payments.