Topic: Number of papers related to participation fee  (Read 48484 times)

If someone registers for our event and wants to present three papers, we want to charge a fee per paper.
Does that mean that this author has to register three times in ConfTool?

In general, the number of submissions and the registration fees are not directly related in ConfTool.
Furthermore, please remember that if a person submits two papers, this usually does not mean that two papers will get accepted or will be presented.

However, you have several options to represent such a requirement in ConfTool:
  • You can handle "per paper" fees by adding an extra option, e.g. "extra paper fee", as a separate event / item on the participant registration form while making sure that each extra submission is charged.
    You can find more information on how to set up events here: Configuration of the Participant Registration Module
  • You can also ask authors to enter the paper ID(s) in a text field using the "Extra Input Field" for each event / item.
    However, please note that the IDs still have to be verified manually by organizers.
  • The system offers several ways to check whether at least one participant has registered for each submission, but allows multiple submissions per participant.
    For more information, please have a look at: Filter out submissions for which the presenters have not registered for participation
  • ConfTool Pro also has an option to charge submission fees or pre-registration fees that have to be paid before a proposal can be submitted.
    This requires a specific setup and is subject to an additional license fee. Please contact us for more information.
  • Finally, please note that you can also limit the number of submissions for each user.
    Please go to this page:
    Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Abstract and Paper Submission
    In the section "Special Conditions for Paper Submission" for the option "Max No. of Submissions per User" choose the total maximum number of submissions for each user.