Topic: How to notify authors about acceptance?  (Read 62811 times)

I have managed to negotiate the review process for papers, now I am at the stage of deciding what papers are to be accepted.

It's clear how to select this for each paper based on the review results, but I don’t see how I notify authors of acceptance?

There are no automatic mails sent when you set the acceptance status, as chairs usually have to update their decisions during the program scheduling process for some papers, depending on the available sessions themes, times and slots.

Please have a look at this documentation page to see how you can set the acceptance status:

Finally, to inform authors about acceptance, please use the bulk mail function of ConfTool:

If you want to send separate e-mails to the authors of the submission each time the status ("Accepted", "Rejected", etc.) is updated by the chairs, please activate the corresponding e-mail function at:
Overview => Settings => Main Setting for Submission Reviewing
Please scroll down to the section "Acceptance Status Message from Chairs to Authors" and enable the function (see screenshot 1).

If chairs now go to the page
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance
and update the acceptance status using the link "Edit Status" (see screenshot 2), they can directly send an e-mail to the authors of the submission with the status update information and the review results if required (see screenshot 3).

The template text for these e-mails can be edited in "Wording and Phrases".