Topic: Meta reviewers / Providing access to the reviewers of the same papers  (Read 85287 times)

What is a Meta Review / are Meta Reviewers in ConfTool Pro?

Can we give some reviewers access to the reviews as well as the reviewer names of the persons evaluating the same submissions?

"Meta Reviewers" have access to the reviews and reviewer names of their co-reviewers (the other persons inspecting the same submission).
They can, for instance, supervise the review process for one paper or summarize the reviews of the other reviewers. You can assign one or several meta reviewers to each paper.
Other terms for this role are "Expert Reviewer" or "Senior Reviewer".

There is no special ConfTool user status "meta reviewer", but you define the meta reviewers during the assignment process (see screenshot).

To enable meta reviewers please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Setting for Paper Reviewing
and set "Enable Meta Reviews?" to "yes".
You can then set the status meta-reviewer during the review assignment process (see screenshot).

If you need to distinguish between two different kinds of expert reviewers, you can enable a second kind, called "Senior Reviewer".

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Setting for Paper Reviewing
... and enable the expert settings by clicking on "Expert Settings Disabled" or the cogwheel icon on the bottom of the page.

A new option will then appear: "Enable Senior Reviews?"
Activate it to enable a second kind of expert reviewer, called "Senior Reviewer" (see image).

In case you want to rename the labels of the expert reviewers: You can always adapt all words and phrases in ConfTool to fit your needs.