Topic: Editing/deleting users  (Read 42426 times)

How do I edit or delete users?

You can edit or delete users on the list of all users. Please go to:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Users
In the right-hand column "Action" click on "Edit" or "Delete".

You can also edit or delete users if you access the page with the user details.
Click on the user name in the list of all users to access the user details.
In the box "Actions" on the right, click on "Edit User" or "Delete User".

Please note:
  • Only administrative users can delete user accounts.
  • You might be unable to delete a user because the account is connected to other data in the database.
    Please consult this entry for more information: Error message when deleting a user
  • You can always undelete users if required. Please use the filter "Active and Deleted Users" to display deleted user accounts.
    Then click on "Undelete User" to restore the user account.
  • Deleted users are still in the database. You have to purge them to remove them for good:
    How can we completely remove users / e-mail addresses from the database?