Topic: Finally deleting users/mail addresses  (Read 41143 times)

(A German version of this article is available.)

ConfTool marks users as "deleted" if you delete them, but does not remove them from the database automatically. If a deleted user tries to register again, he can't as he is still present in the system.

You can always "undelete" deleted users. Please go to the "List of Users" and set the filter option "Active and Deleted Users" to "Show only deleted users" to access the list of deleted users.
You find the option to "undelete" deleted users in the right column.

If you permanently want to remove deleted users from the database, please go to:

Overview => User and Participant Management => Purge Deleted Users (see image)

Please note that this operation cannot be undone.

NB: The page ID is "adminUsersPurge", if you don't find that option in the menu.