Topic: How many of the bulk mails were received?  (Read 32168 times)

How do I find out how many of the bulk mails sent via ConfTool were received and read by the recipients?

There is no reliable way to verify which e-mails have been received by the recipient, and you can never know who read an e-mail or not.
Unfortunately, e-mails are comparable with postcards: they are not secure, may get lost and people tend to ignore them.

If an e-mail was dispatched perfectly (no error message was indicated by the ConfTool system), you can be sure that the mail was delivered successfully to the sending mail server (the ConfTool mail server).

If you do not get a warning or bounce error message shortly after, the mail has been delivered successfully to the mail server of the recipient.
If you get an error message and don't know what it means, please have a look at this forum entry:
Undelivered Mail Errors: Why wasn’t my e-mail delivered?

However, what happens on the side of the receiver of the mail is outside of our control.
There may be faulty spam filters or other configuration errors that prevent your mail from being delivered to the recipient.

Overall, the probability that the e-mail sent from the ConfTool system will reach the recipient is as high as for any other e-mail.