Topic: How to hide topic groups of a contribution from reviewers  (Read 70 times)

We use use topic groups for to show different questions to authors and would now like to hide some of these details from reviewers because they are not relevant for reviewers (like questions about publication or presentation preferences) or that might even reveal information about the authors. 

How can we solve this problem in Conftool Pro?

Please note that author information is automatically hidden from reviewers if you use the double-blind reviewing option. However, this cannot automatically consider custom questions added in topic groups. Therefore, ConfTool offers to hide certain topic groups of a contribution from reviewers to keep the contribution anonymous.

Please go to the following page:
Overview => Settings => Manage Topic Groups
Select the relevant topic group and press the button “Edit Topic Group”.

On the next page, first set the option “Show to Reviewers and PC Members?” to “No” so that the reviewers and members of the program committee (PC) will not be able to see topics from this topic group (see image 1).

Then set the option “Show Presentation Topics in Agenda” to “No” to exclude the topics of this topic group from being shown in the agenda for each presentation (see image 1).

If both options are set to “No” the corresponding topic groups will not be shown to reviewers.