Topic: A user complains not being able to register  (Read 36224 times)

One of your users complains about receiving an error message when trying to register as new user.

Please ask the user for the exact error message, this usually explains and solves the problem.

What happens from time to time: The user might already have registered before, or maybe he already holds an account created by the organizers (e.g. as reviewer, pc member or chair).

Please go to:

Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Users

Use the search function here to find out whether the user does already hold an account.
Please remember to consider deleted users, as they are kept in the database until being purged.

If you have found the user you can send him his user name and he can obtain a new password from ConfTool if he clicks on "Forgotten your password?" on the login screen.

For more information please refer to: