Topic: What happens when a user does not remember the username or the password?  (Read 37376 times)

Users might have forgotten their username or their password.

Or they even are not registered users yet, but also do not remember this.

What happens when they try to log in?

If they are not yet registered users and thus do not have an account they get an error message that their user name and password combination is "not valid" and they cannot log in.

Registered users with either forgotten user name and/or forgotten password should click "Forgotten your user name?" first and then "Forgotten your password?" to retrieve the respective ones from the system.

For further information please see:

You also have the option to "help" users who have problems to use the functions to retrieve their login details and send them the user name and a new password vie e-mail:

Please go to:

Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Users

Search for the corresponding user, click on his name to access the user details and then choose "Send Password to User" link under "Actions" to send the account details to the user.