Topic: What happens when a user does not remember the username or the password?  (Read 40395 times)

Users might have forgotten their username or their password.

In rare cases, some users haven't even created a user account at all, but think they might already have an account (e.g. as they had registered for a previous conference some years ago).

What happens when they try to log in?
How can we help them retrieve their user information?

  • Registered users who have forgotten their user name and/or password can simply click on "Forgotten your user name?" and/or "Forgotten your password?" on the login page to receive the respective data via e-mail.
  • If they are not yet registered users and thus do not have any account at all, they will receive an error message that their user name and password combination is not valid and therefore they will be unable to log in.
    Check the list of all users to find out if a user account already exist. If there is no entry, ask the client to simply create a new user account.

For further information please see:
Helpful Hints for User Registration and Log-In

As an admin, you also have the option to help users who have problems to use the functions to retrieve their login details.
You can send them their user name and a new password via e-mail.

Please go to:
Overview => User and Participant Management => List of All Users
Search for the corresponding user, click on his or her name to access the user details. On the user detail page, in the box "Action" click on the link "Send Password to User" to send the account details to the user (see image). The user will receive both the password and the user name in one single e-mail.