Topic: How to make review results accessible to authors without showing the scores?  (Read 9879 times)

We want to inform our authors about the review results, but want to send them the comments for the authors only.
We do not want to include the scores given by the reviewers, as in the past this often led to discussions.
How can we proceed?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Please update the settings to hide the scores (by default, scores are shown to authors).

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Review Form Options and Factors
… and scroll down to the section "Display Options for Review Scores".
Please change the option "Show Review Categories and Scores to Authors" to the setting "No" (see image 1).

To show the review results to authors in their ConfTool accounts now, please enable the corresponding phase in Phases and Deadlines.

More information can be found at:
Making review results entirely visible to authors and
Review results are not displayed to authors.

To inform authors, please use the bulk e-mail function.
You will have to use the correct code to avoid that review scores appear in the content of the message, no matter which setting you have selected on the page "Review Form Options and Factors".

Please go to:
Overview => Bulk E-Mails => Send E-Mails to Authors (and Co-Authors)
… and scroll down to "Message Body".
As default text it says "OVERVIEW OF REVIEWS: {contribution_results}" (image 2).
If you use this code, all details of the reviews - including the scores - would be submitted to authors and co-authors.

Therefore, please use the code {contribution_results_comments} instead.
This code will only include the comments of the reviewers to the authors, but not the scores.
On the same page you find an overview of codes that are supported and could be used optionally (image 3).

Please update the body text to match your requirements and remember to use the preview function on the second page to do some spot tests before you send out the mail.