Topic: Hiding single events on the registration form  (Read 1883 times)

Very unexpectedly, one of our events seems to be a hit with participants. We did not set a maximum number in ConfTool, but we have reached the maximum capacity for the event.
What can we do to hide the event from new participants?

In order to hide an event on the registration form - whether it is booked out or should not be selected due to other reasons - we can give two hints.

Please go to the event you want to hide on the registration form:
Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items => Edit Event/Item
  • For the first alternative, go to the section "Additional Options".
    For the option "Visual Style of the Event/Item", choose the setting "Hide on registration form (this event/item is neither visible nor available to normal users)." (see image 1).
    With this option, the event will no longer be visible at all on the registration form.
  • For the second alternative, again go to the section "Additional Options".
    For the option "Deactivate" please pull the slider to the setting "Booked Out" (see image 2).
    With this option, the event will still be visible on the registration form, but marked as booked out (see image 3).
    Sometimes the term "Booked Out" might not be fitting. You can always rename the phrase by using the option "Wording and Phrases".

Don't forget to test your settings.

You can find more information on how to mark events as "booked out" here: Marking single events as booked out / maximum attendance

Check this entry in the forum for additional hints on how to hide events completely: Hiding events / items on the participant registration form