Topic: Marking single events as booked out / maximum attendance  (Read 39943 times)

Our conference has several different events participants can choose from.
1) One of our events has a participant limit lower than the general maximum attendance.
How can we automatically mark the event as booked out once the limit has been reached?
2) We have a deadline for registration for special events that is earlier than the deadline for the conference as a whole.
Is there a way to define the deadline for registration for single events, i.e., deactivate registration for a single event early?

1) For each event, you can define a participant limit.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items
... and open the event by selecting "Edit Event/Item".

In the section "Additional Options" choose a maximum number for the option "Maximum Availability" (see image).

When the maximum capacity has been reached, the event will still be visible on the registration form but marked as "Booked Out".
Participants will not be able to select it anymore.

2) You cannot define a deadline for registration for a special event.

However, you can set the deadline for yourself and manually deactivate registration for the event once your deadline has expired.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items

Choose the relevant event from the list and select "Edit Event/Item".
At the bottom of the page in the section "Additional Options", you will find the option "Deactivate".
Please pull the slider to the setting "Booked Out" (see image) and save your new settings.

Participants will now no longer be able to register for this particular event.
It will be marked as "Booked Out" on the registration form.

If you want a deadline to be visible for participants, you could include that piece of information in one of the fields that describe the event, e.g. the field "Information".

You could also think about hiding events / items on the participant registration form.