Topic: Deactivating registration for a single event  (Read 36229 times)

Our conference has a number of different events participants can choose from. We want to entice them to register early and have a deadline for registration for special events that is earlier than the deadline for the conference as a whole. Is there a way to define the deadline for registration for single events, i.e. deactivate registration for a single event early?

You cannot define a deadline for registration for a special event.

However, you can set the deadline for yourself and deactivate registration for the event manually once your deadline has expired.

Go to: Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items

Choose the relevant event from the list and click “Edit Event/Item”. At the bottom of the page you will find the option “Deactivate”. Check the box “The event shall no longer be selectable”, and save your new settings. Participants will now no longer be able to register for this particular event.

There is an alternative: If you want to disable an event after a certain registration phase (Time Discount) from
Overview => Settings => Edit Time Discounts
like "early bird registration", you can do so by deactivating the corresponding price category.

Please go to: Overview => Settings => Prices
Activate the "Expert Settings" in the bottom navigation bar and deselect the checkboxes for the corresponding prices (see example).

Please note that all events with this price category will be hidden after early bird ends.