Topic: Is it possible to send passwords by bulk mail?  (Read 31278 times)

You have copied users (or reviewers) from the preceding conference.
Therefore they didn't get a system-generated e-mail informing them concerning their password, as they usually would get after the registration procedure.
You intend to send them their passwords by bulk mail.

The answer is: "it depends on ..."

If the password is system-generated or was entered by the organizers, it can be sent by administrators (only) using the bulk mail function:

Overview => Bulk E-mails => Send E-mails to a Group of Users

using the code {person_password}.

If the password was entered or edited by the user himself it cannot be sent for security reasons:
1. Personally entered passwords in ConfTool Pro are encrypted in the database so they cannot be accessed. Consequently they also cannot be sent by e-mail.
2. It is not advisable to send personal passwords to users via e-mail, as e-mail is not a secure medium and it might irritate some users to see their password in an e-mail.

So: When the user accounts were copied directly from the former conference's database to the new one, the passwords are still encrypted and cannot be sent by bulk mail.
If the user accounts were imported using the data import function of ConfTool, the passwords were usually newly generated, are not encrypted, and can be sent by bulk e-mail.

However, you can send users their user name and ask them to log in using their old password in a bulk e-mail.
If they do not remember their passwords, they can use the function "Lost Password?" on the login screen to retrieve a new password from the system.

You find more information on this process here: