Topic: Login page layout options / alternative login screen  (Read 6403 times)

We noticed that the login page layout can changed.
What is the purpose of this function?
What layout options do I have for the login page?

Let's first take a look at the options that can appear on the login page.
Depeding on the specific settings, you can perform these actions:

In addition to these options, there are two versions of the login page:
  • The regular login page shows a link to register as new user and two fields to enter user name (or e-mail) and password (see image 1).
  • The alternative login page asks for the e-mail of the user and provides options “I would like to register new now” and “I have an account and my password is”. This alternative form is recommended if user accounts were copied from another event to the current installation (see image 2).

You can change the layout of the login screen here:
Overview => Settings => Settings for User Registration => Main Settings for User Registration and Management
Go to the section "Login Screen Options" and for the option "Login Screen Layout" choose the setting that fits your needs (see image 3).

Please note: In that same section, you will find two more options. In case you have copied over the users from a previous event, please activate the option "Show User Account Note" and use the setting "Show a message that user accounts were copied from the preceding event …". This will activate additional information on the login screen that tells users that they can use their old user account details. You can adapt the wording by clicking on the link "edit these phrases" (see image 3).

Please be reminded that depending on the modules you have booked (submission and reviewing and / or participant registration) and the currently activated phase, the wording on the login screen will be different. If the default wording on the login screen is not exactly what you need, go to the option "Show user account note" (see directly above) and click on the link "wording of the login screen" in order to change the phrases (see image 3).

Alternatively, you can search for and edit the phrases that appear on the login screen here:
Overview => Settings => Wording and Phrases
Please search for all phrases starting with "S_LOGIN_" by using the search phrase: "^S_LOGIN_"
You can find more information about wording and phrases here: What is the use of the option "Wordings and Phrases"?