Topic: Registration for a mailing list for prospective participants or authors  (Read 88498 times)

We got some requests from people who are interested in participating in the conference, but don’t want to register for participation yet.
Is there an option in ConfTool Pro to allow people registering for a mailing list to keep them informed about the event?

ConfTool Pro provides a registration form which allows persons to register their details in ConfTool without entering any user account details.  

To activate this option, please go to
Overview => Settings=> Settings for User Registration => Registration of Prospective Participants

and enable the Prospective Participants form (see image 1). If only name, title, e-mail, organization and country should be required to register, please disable the option “Require Full User Details”. You can also decide if users shall receive information about their login details automatically or not ("Reveal Account Data?"). If not, you can later send them these details by bulk e-mail. Furthermore, you can add information to the confirmation e-mail and re-direct them back to your main website after they have completed the registration form.

As soon as you have enabled the "Registration as Prospective Participant", a new link appears on the login page of ConfTool (see image 2).

Organizers have the options to filter the list of users for all "prospective participants" (see image 3) and can also send bulk e-mails to this this specific group of persons only (see image 4).

If your conference is already booked out but you still want to allow interested people to register for your event in a waiting list, please find related information at:
"Conference is booked out: waiting list for interested persons".
On this page, you also find useful information on how to adapt the general wording for this option and furthermore the phrases for the bulk e-mails that will be sent to your prospective participants.