Topic: Upload of student confirmation, membership cards or similar documents to prove authorization for specific participant groups  (Read 5283 times)

We want some participants to confirm their group status during the registration process.
Is it possible to have a mandatory file upload for a copy of student IDs (membership cards etc.) for certain participant groups?

Yes, organizers can make the upload of a file optional or mandatory to allow participants to prove their status. This option is set for each participant group separately.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Participant Groups
Choose the group you want to update and click on the button "Edit Group". At the bottom of the page you find the section "File Upload for this Group". In that section you can use the option "File Uploads for this Group" to make the upload optional or mandatory. Once the file upload is activated, you can define the permitted file types, and enter an "Upload information" that is shown to the participant (see image 1).

When the option is enabled, the user can or has to upload a file if the corresponding participant group has been chosen to proceed with the registration (see image 2).