Topic: Creating Sessions from Presentations: Single Presentation Sessions  (Read 5682 times)

Our event has many contributions that will be presented in separate sessions. The title of those sessions will be identical to the title of the contribution. As usually sessions are created first with a separate title and then contributions are assigned to these sessions, we don’t know how to proceed efficiently. Is there a solution for this requirement?

Yes, ConfTool Pro provides a session type called "Single Presentation Session" that has to be enabled first. These sessions consist of one presentation only and the title of the presentation constitutes the title of the session.

To enable this session type, please go to:
Overview => Scheduling => Main Settings for Conference Session Overview
… and in the section "Further Options" activate the option "Enable Extra Session Types" (see image 1).

Hint: If many or all of your sessions will be "Single Presentation Sessions", please enable them as the main session type. In case these kinds of sessions are rare, just choose "Yes".

Now you have two options to create a Single Presentation Session (a third option will be available additionally if Single Presentation Sessions are the main session type):

First option:

Please go to:
Overview => Scheduling => Create, Configure and Delete Sessions
… and click on the button "Create New Session". On the top of the following page, under "Session Type" please choose the radio button "Single Presentation Session" and enter the ID of the submission which will be presented in this session (image 2).

Second option:

From the list displaying an overview of reviewers’ evaluation results you can edit the contribution status and create a new Single Presentation Session.

Please go to:   
Overview => Submissions & Reviews => Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance

For the contribution you want to use, click on "Edit Status" (image 3). On the next page you can set the acceptance status. If the submission is to be accepted, you can select "Create a new Single Presentation Session for this Contribution" as a setting for the option "Session" (image 4).

After saving the data, you will be redirected to a page where you can create the new Single Presentation Session and determine location and time for this session (see image 5).

After this you will be redirected to the list with the results of the reviewing procedure.

Third option (only available if Single Session Presentations are the main session type):

If Single Presentation Sessions are the main session type, you can also create new sessions directly from the page "Results of the Reviewing Procedure & Decision About Acceptance".

For each accepted submission, in the right-hand column "Session" click on the link "Create Session" to create a new session directly from this contribution (see image 6).