Topic: Does ConfTool GmbH provide the main conference website?  (Read 24551 times)

Do you provide any web design services, i.e. creating and hosting the main website for our conference?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Sorry! No, we don’t.

There are a lot of excellent web-hosting services available (some are even free), and we think it does not make too much sense for us as a small company to compete with all these providers.

For smaller events, it is often sufficient to create one or some pages on the website of the university or organization responsible for the event.

If you want to have your own second level domain name for your conference website (like you will need a paid service.
We think it is important to keep the website free of advertisements to make it look genuine and professional, so a paid service usually makes sense anyway.

Maybe have a look at "website builders", as they do not require IT knowledge, come with many modern templates, and allow you to edit the contents of your website easily online.

Some website builders even offer free hosting packages that are (nearly) ad-free, and their paid packages often come with a domain name.
Five popular examples of website builders are SITE123, Wix, Jimdo, Weebly and Google Sites.

More tips can be found on the websites of WebsiteToolTester, Website Builder Expert, Social Compare and SuperbWebsiteBuilders.