Topic: Registration codes for specific events/items  (Read 82925 times)

We want to make some specific events or items only available to participants who enter a code provided by us.
Is it possible to restrict access to some events this way?

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You have the option to enable a registration code to each item/event selectable on the registration form. Please go to:

Overview => Settings => Manage Events and Items

... select the event/item, and click on the button “Edit Event/Item”. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enable the “Expert Settings” (click on the text or the cogwheel icon; see image, item 1).

The select box in the section "Extra Input Field" now contains two more options: "Registration code" and "Unique registration code" (see image, item 2). The former option requires each participant to enter a code to select this option, but the same code can be used by several people. The latter option requires that each participant has to enter a different code.

The code entered by the participants always needs to match your regular expression (see image, item 3). You can either use an expression that allows to enter only one code (if participants shall use the same code), or that allows to enter a code that matches a certain pattern (if a unique code has to be entered by each participant). Please pay attention to the examples of "Regular Expression" can be used for the registration code there. Please get back to us if you need help.

Find more related information in the ConfTool support forum entry: Special code - enable function.
If you want to know how to make some events/items available to certain participant groups only please consult the forum entry: How to offer reduced fees for participants with a special registration code.