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We want to use codes for a specified participant group, but when I test the registration as a new participant, the field where I can enter the registration code does not appear.

(A German version of this article is available.)

The field for a member number/ student ID / special registration code has to be enabled in the settings (it can be disabled).

To do so, go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration

In the section “Participant Registration Options” you have four choices for the option “Ask for a member number/ student ID / special registration code?”.
  • Yes, but show field only if required for the currently selected participant group”: The input field is only shown if an invitation code is required or a code pattern was defined for the group chosen, i.e., the participant must authorize the selection of the group with a code.
  • Yes, always show input field”: The input field for the code will always appear, regardless of the participant group chosen.
  • "Yes, always show input field, and show/select hidden participant groups automatically based on the code.": The field will always be shown, but participant groups protected/hidden by codes will only be made available when a matching code was entered by the participant.
  • No”: the input field will never be shown. However, in this case you should refrain from defining registration codes for participant groups.

If you have several participant groups with differing codes, adapt the wording of the field to fit your needs. Please click on "Edit Phrase" to change the label for the input field (see screenshot).

For more information on how to use special codes, please have a look here at the entry
How to offer reduced fees for participants with a special registration code