Topic: Providing read-only access to the list of all submissions  (Read 63323 times)

I want give certain persons of the program committee read-only access to the list of all submissions / contributions.
But they do not require the editing options of "Chairs".
How do I handle this?

The best option to provide read-only access to the list of all submissions is the PC Online Forum of ConfTool Pro.
It gives all users with the status PC member access to all submission and all review results.
Here they can primarily discuss the submissions and the reviews (if required), but they also have of course read access to all submissions.

To enable the forum please go to this page:
Overview => Settings => Phases and Deadlines
Go to the section "Online Forum: The Members of the Program Committee Can Access All Submitted Contributions and Discuss the Reviews" and enable the module via the toggle switch. Set a start and an end date.

You can enable or disable the forum at any time.

Furthermore, please make sure that all relevant users have the status PC member:
Assignment of user roles

If the PC Online Forum does not show any submissions, please check the following settings:

Please note that you can enable or disable the PC Online Forum for each submission type / conference track.

If the list appears to be empty for a PC member, please check that the forum is enabled for all required submission types / conference tracks.

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
.... and scroll down to the section "Review Options".
Please make sure that the option "Online Forum for the Program Committee" is enabled.

On the bottom of the page, click "Save Changes" to update your setting.

Please test your changes by logging in as one of the PC members:
How can I test the settings?