Topic: Latest updates are not visible in public agenda  (Read 44815 times)

We replaced one of the session chairs / added a presentation to a session, but the update is not visible in the session overview of the conference agenda. We are sure that all required settings are correct. Can you please let us know what causes this problem?

All pages of the public agenda allow browser caching for about 5 minutes to increase the performance for regular users when they browse the agenda. To see the updates immediately, you need to “force refresh” (or "force reload") the page in your browser. This can usually be done by holding the CTRL key and then clicking the F5 key or the reload button of your browser. You can also try CTRL-R or CTRL-Shift-R.
For Apple OSX please use CMD-F5 or if that does not work CMD-SHIFT-R.

Further information about browser cache and the corresponding key combinations to force reload is available on the website Refresh Your Cache.

This entry refers only to the browser cache and the pages of the agenda. If you made some updates of the settings or wordings of your installation which are not visible immediately, please find relevant information in the entry Clear cache - make changes in the configuration / wording visible. That entry refers to the system cache of your ConfTool installation that is used to improve the performance of the whole system.