Topic: Clear cache - make changes in the configuration / wording visible  (Read 61116 times)

We have made changes to the configuration and the wording of our conference in ConfTool.
However, we cannot see the changes on the platform itself.
We reloaded the page and cleared the cache of the browser, but this did not help.
What else can we do?

If you have made changes to the configuration or the wording of ConfTool, in some cases it is possible that these change do not appear right away, especially if you use several browsers or computers.

To make sure that the changes become visible, you can simply log out and in again, this will clear the user data cache and reload all settings from the database.

You can alternatively click on the flash symbol that you will find on the bottom of the main overview page and the settings pages (see image). This clears the user cache without logging out.

Alternatively, you can add the parameters &ctcache=clear to the URL manually, to clear the user cache. Example: The following URL will direct you back to the overview page and clear the user cache:
https: //

Background: The changes have been put in effect, but if you stay logged in (especially in another browser window or on another computer) the data cache for this user still holds the old data / configuration.
By clicking on the flash, the user data cache is cleared and all data will be reloaded.