Topic: How to split thematic tracks into different submission formats  (Read 85467 times)

Our conference has several distinct thematic tracks (Track A, Track B, Track C), and in each track authors are supposed to be able to submit different submission formats (Full Paper, Symposium, Poster). Does ConfTool Pro offer a solution?

(A German version of this article is available.)

First of all, our answer is primarily geared towards clients of ConfTool Pro who also have the Track-Chair-Module installed.

These options are for experienced users of ConfTool Pro. Please make sure that you have understood the concept of submission forms before you continue.
Be careful, submission forms and submission formats are distinct entities.

To answer the question: Yes, you can enable subcategories or submission formats as a separate option within submission types / tracks. Authors then would be able to, e.g., first choose a thematic track and within that track choose a submission format, e.g., Full Paper, Symposium and / or Poster (see image 1).

Please go to:
Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission
... and continue to select an appropriate setting for the option 'Enable Selection of the "Submission Format"' (see image 2).
(If you do not have the track-chair module installed, please enable the expert settings on the bottom of the page by clicking on "Expert Settings Disabled" or the cogwheel to be able to see the option.)

You have two options:
  • "Yes"
    - The submission form of each submission format will be the same as the submission form of the submission type / track.
    - You can decide for each track if authors can choose one or several submission formats.
  • "Yes, and allow to specify submission form parameters for each submission format."
    - Hint: Please enable the expert settings on the bottom of the page to be able to choose this setting.
    - You can select a different submission form for each submission format which will override the submission form of the submission type / track.
    - Secondly, you can define an alternative, maximum length for the submission abstract per format.
    - Thirdly, you can specify the number of uploads and the file types per submission format.
    - When using this setting, authors will only be able to choose one submission format per submission.

Once you have activated the selection of the submission format, continue to create and configure them.

The new option for submission formats appears here:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Formats
Click on "Create Format" to generate a new format.

If you have chosen "Yes, and allow to specify submission form parameters for each submission format", you can also define an alternative length of the main submission abstract either in words (please scroll up) or characters (please scroll down). You can also choose an alternative submission form for this submission format as well as adjust the upload settings. These settings will supersede the settings of the submission type / track (see image 3).

Finally, adjust the settings for each track:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
Scroll to the option "Submission Formats" and make a selection (see image 4).

  • Depending on the choice you have made in the Main Settings for Paper and Abstract Submission, you will be able to choose from different settings here. You can only allow authors to choose more than one submission format if the option 'Enable Selection of the "Submission Format"' has been set to the simple "Yes".
  • With the Track-Chair-Module you can make submission formats available for specific submission types / tracks only, e.g. if the different tracks of your event do not all share the same submission formats.
    You can find this option here:
    Overview => Settings => Main Setup
    Go to "Assign Submission Formats to Tracks" and activate the option.

    Once it is activated, you will find an additional setting here:
    Overview => Settings => Assign Formats to Conference Tracks
    Select a track / submission type and assign the formats to the tracks.

    This option is only available if the Track-Chair-Module has been installed.