Topic: Submission forms: Detailed, Symposium, Application, Roundtable  (Read 91722 times)

While configuring the submission types / tracks of ConfTool, we came across the last setting "Class name of submission form".

Four different options are available "Detailed", "Symposium", "Applications" and "Roundtable". What are these settings for?

(A German version of this article is available.)

ConfTool can be used for a number of different submission processes: Regular conferences with contributions presented as single papers or those with ideas presented as symposia, i.e. one main idea is backed by several sub-papers. For other purposes, e.g. summer schools, submissions can be made by single users only, for example if they want to apply with a full CV or copy of a certificate. Finally, some events also feature sessions for which panel discussions or round tables are scheduled.

With the option "Class name of the submission form" the module for the submission form can be selected and the basic appearance of the form defined for each submission type / track separately:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks

The first form, the default “Detailed” is for simple, single ideas put into papers or posters or similar and used for regular conferences, where contributions are presented by the authors in front of an audience or as a poster presentation. If you want to allow authors to upload their ideas as abstracts and / or full papers, please use the “Default” submission form. The detailed form allows authors to name co-authors and organizations. Only one abstract can be entered in the abstract field.

The “Symposium” form lets authors enter ideas for symposia, i.e. one main idea will be presented and supported by several smaller contributions written by several other authors. During the submission, the submitting author designates all symposium paper authors (sub-authors), enters their ideas and can also nominate a chair or moderator for this symposium.

The “Applications” form is especially useful if you want to collect and screen applications for summer schools or scholarship grants. The submitting person will be able to enter one application including his or her name (one author only!), one organization / affiliation, optional an abstract, and, if enabled, topics and keywords (uploads can be enabled, too).

The form “Roundtable” can be used for proposals for panel discussions. There are options to enter information about the presenters / discussants, title of the contribution, an abstract, keywords and a list of related publications. Moreover, chairs (or moderators) can be nominated and preferred topics entered (which makes sense if several panel discussions are scheduled).

Please also take a look at the example submission forms in the way they are presented to the submitting authors below.