Topic: Using Participant Registration of ConfTool Pro for Hotel Reservations - Limitations and Options  (Read 85003 times)

For our participants we would like to make reservations for hotel rooms available through the ConfTool system.
Is it for instance possible to connect the ConfTool installation directly with the hotel’s registration system?

From a technical perspective, a programming interface both for the ConfTool system and for the booking system of the hotel would be required. For the ConfTool system such an interface doesn’t exist, and (usually) also registration systems of hotels also do not provide this possibility.

Usually, we recommend organizers not to handle the hotel booking for participants, as this will also mean that you are involved in changes of reservations, cancellations etc., and might even be liable for people who do not arrive and pay.
Please see also: Should we include accommodation options on the registration form?

However, if you are aware of these challenges and still want to provide hotel reservations as part of your services, you can create an event group which appears on the registration form of your conference and send an automatic confirmation e-mail with the data of the registrant to the booking agency for every hotel reservation, so they can handle the remaining process.
To create such an event/item group with automatic e-mail confirmation, please enable the "Expert Settings" (see image) and go to
Overview => Settings => Manage Event/Item Groups.

Click on the button "Create New Event/Item Group" and enter the title etc. as usual.
In the section called "Notification E-Mails for Items / Events Booked of this Group" you find the option to send an automatic e-mail if a participant has booked an item of this group. To activate this option you need to enter the e-mail address of the organizer or the booking agency. You can also add a supplemental text for these mails directed at the booking agency.

The receiver of these messages will get a copy of all options selected by the participant in this event/item group (but not any information about the items selected in any other group), and they will be able to contact the participant directly by e-mail etc. to make further arrangements.