Topic: Should we include accommodation options on the registration form?  (Read 86073 times)

How can I include a list of hotels available in ConfTool?
Is it advisable to handle accommodation via ConfTool?

It depends on your requirements.
  • If hotel reservations is part of your services, you can add accommodation options to the registration form. Create a respective event / item group and list the available hotels / room options as items in this group. You can also set a starting and ending date for such items and calculate the price basing on the number of nights booked. For detailed information please see topic Using Participant Registration of ConfTool Pro for Hotel Reservations - Limitations and Options?
  • If participants are responsible for their accommodation (this is the case for most events), we would advise not to include these options on the registration form.  We recommend to let them do the hotel reservations directly with the hotels or via a tourist office, otherwise you might be involved in cancellations etc. for these bookings. This can cause additional work and costs for you. In this case just offer a web page on your main website with the recommended hotels and contact details.