Topic: Create dummy accounts for invited participants with admin access only  (Read 41783 times)

We want to invite some people to participate at the conference, but don’t have their e-mail addresses or other details.
However, we want to register them in ConfTool, but without bothering them with further details regarding details of their user accounts and registrations for participation.
How can we create these dummy accounts?

You want to create dummy accounts for invited participants without the need to give these users access to their accounts or their invoices.

You can do so, but please be aware that you always have to enter a valid e-mail address when creating a new ConfTool user account. For dummy accounts, enter a dummy e-mail address (for example the contact e-mail address of the organizers) and then skip the e-mail verification.

To create several accounts successively with one shared e-mail address, please go to:
Overview => User and Participant Management => Create New User Account
On the user registration form use the option “Register user without verifying the e-mail address and sending a confirmation” (see image 1).

Next, click on the button “Submit and Begin With Participant Registration” to register these persons as participants in a second step (see image 2).

To register the participant with fees waived, please use the payment method “Admission free of charge” as described here:
Invitation of participants to whole event free of charge