Topic: Disable "Comments on the submission / comments for authors" when reviewers enter reviews  (Read 65757 times)

In our review process, we do not want to let reviewers enter textual comments for the authors.
We only want to let reviewers award points based on various criteria.
How can we disable the field "Comments for Authors" in the reviewing section "Comments on the submission" that is displayed per default?

To disable the field in which reviewers can leave textual comments and written feedback to authors, you have these options:
  • You can disable the field for feedback for the whole conference, i.e., across all submission types / tracks. Please go to:
    Overview => Settings => Review Form Options and Factors
    In the section “Main Text Fields for Reviewer Feedback”, disable the option “Comments for the authors” (see image 1).
  • You can also disable the field for feedback for specific submission types / tracks only. Please go to:
    Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
    Open the corresponding submission types / tracks by clicking on “Edit”.
    Enable the expert settings on the bottom of the page by clicking on "Expert Settings Disabled" or the cogwheel.
    Scroll down to section "Further Settings" and disable the option "Comments for the authors" (see image 2).

Please test your settings by logging in as one of the reviewers:
How can I test the review form settings?