Topic: Authors of Submission – How to Enter Organizations / How Does the Index Work?  (Read 452139 times)

I want to enter the organizational affiliation for the submission of a contribution.
The co-authors are all from different universities. What do I have to do to enter the organizations of all the authors of a contribution correctly?

What does the index mean / how can I figure out the index number of my organization?

(A German version of this article is available.)

Some conference chairs will ask you to enter the organization of each author of a contribution.

To start a new submission of a contribution, please go to:

Overview => Your Submissions => {choose submission type / track}

First enter the names (and e-mail addresses) of all authors, one author per line.

Then enter all the organizations of the authors in the input fields for "* Organization(s)" (see screenshot below).
Do not repeat organizations, i.e., enter each organization only once.
The organization fields have index numbers to the left of them.
Assign these index numbers to the corresponding authors (see image).

Please also note the "Preview List of Authors" at the bottom of the image (red arrow) that shows how
authors and organizations will be shown in the abstract preview and the agenda.

If an author is affiliated to more than one organization, enter the organizations in separate fields and enter all all corresponding index numbers behind the author, separated by commas.
Please see the screenshot for an example.

If all authors belong to the same organization, enter this organization only once and use the index "1" for all authors or leave the index empty
(Please note: the number will be deleted when you save the submission, as it's not required for the abstract output).

Please note that you can add extra fields for organizations by clicking on "Add Rows for More Organizations".