Topic: Assignment of reviews – automated e-mail for acceptance / refusal?  (Read 68990 times)

As an organizer, will I be informed automatically once a reviewer refuses to review a submission?

Will I be informed about reviews that have been entered by the reviewer?

You can choose in the e-mail settings if you want to be informed via e-mail once a review has been entered. Please go to:

Overview => Settings => E-mail Settings

In the section "E-mail Settings for the Submission of Reviews" there are three options. The first option "Send a BCC of every review confirmation e-mail to these addresses" allows you to enter any e-mail address.
The second one "Want to send a BCC of the confirmations to the tracks' contact e-mail(s)?" allows you to send an e-mail about the acceptance to the chair of the track / submission type (the e-mail address entered in the track / submission type directly: Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks).
The third option "Want to send BCC of the confirmation to all chairs of the track?" pertains to chairs that have been assigned to a track / submission type (Overview => Settings => Assign Chairs to Conference Tracks) (see image).

You can also set the configuration in order for you to be informed automatically once a review has been refused. Please first activate the option that allows reviewers to refuse reviewing a submission. (Kindly be referred to this forum entry and take a look at the second answer:,229.0.html)

Once this option is activated, please also go to:
Overview => Settings => E-mail Settings

In the section "E-mail Settings for the Refusal of Reviewers to Evaluate a Submission" the options for tracks / submission types are similar to thoses described above. You can enter any e-mail address in the field " Addresses to send a copy of every refusal e-mail" (see image).

For more information on how to inform reviewers about reviews assigned to them, please see this forum entry:,46.0.html