Topic: Export of final versions of accepted submissions  (Read 48758 times)

We want to download the files for all accepted submissions for which the authors have uploaded the final, camera-ready copy.
We want to include these final copies in the printed proceedings.

How can we do that?

For general questions regarding the export of uploaded files, please first take a look at our documentation here:
Chapter 3: Export of Uploaded Files – Full Paper Proceedings

The simplest way to get a list of all accepted contributions with final versions is simply by following this path:

Overview => Manage Submissions and Reviews => Accepted Contributions with Final Versions (see image 1)

On that page, move the cursor to "Related Function" on the upper right corner. As the menu appears, click on "Save all files as ZIP using current filter settings" (see image 2).

Alternatively, you can use the Firefox AddOn DownThemAll! as described in this manual: Downloading Multiple Files Using DownThemAll. Please use DownThemAll! exclusively when you download submissions from the standard version VSIS ConfTool or when you use ConfTool Pro and the documents contain special characters, e.g. Chinese or Arabic script.

  • To make sure that all final, camera-ready copies are in compliance with your formatting standard, you can also give a new acceptance to these validated contributions after you have checked them.

    This will give you even finer filter options for the list of accepted contributions with final versions.

    To create this new acceptance status, please go to:
    Overview => Settings => Manage Acceptance Status
    Copy your “Accepted” status as a new acceptance status (see image 3) and rename this new status to e.g. “Acc. Final Version” (see image 4).

    Now you can filter the list of accepted contributions with checked final versions by this new status.
  • You can also change the generated filename any time, so that all filenames will adhere to a pattern determined by you.
    You can find more information here: Changing the generated filename of papers