Topic: Enable / disable download of confirmation letters of participation  (Read 58024 times)

We don’t want participants to be able to print out letters of confirmation of participation before the conference has actually taken place.
How can we change the settings?

All confirmations letters can be configured on this page:
Overview => Settings => Settings for Confirmation Letters

With the basic settings, there are five different kinds of confirmation letters that can be made available for download by users:
  • Confirmation letters for authors and invitation to participate
  • VISA invitation letters
  • Confirmation letters for participants, confirming their attendance
  • Acknowledgement letter for reviewers and/or program committee members
  • Letter of thanks for session chairs / moderators

When you activate the expert settings (click on the cogwheel at the bottom of the page), you will have access to two additional confirmation letters:
  • Certificate for authors (to issue separate certificates for each accepted contribution)
  • Acknowledgment letter for chairs and conference chairs
  • Letter of appreciation for volunteers at the conference

In this particular case, go to the section "Confirmation Letters, to Be Used at or After the Event", head on over to the subsection "Confirmation Letters for Participants, Confirming Their Attendance", activate the module by moving the slider of the option "Enable Module and Select Start and End Date" to "Enabled" and set the phase according to your needs. Furthermore, via the option "Access Conditions for the Confirmation of Participation" you can limit the download possibility e.g. to those participants who checked in at the front desk (see image). You can add more information to the confirmation letter with the options "Show Arrival Date", "Show PC/Reviewer Status" and "Show Moderators / Session Chairs".

NB: As the administrator, you will always be able to download the corresponding letters when you open a user’s profile.

You will find further about confirmation letters on this page:
General information about invitation and confirmation letters for authors and participants

You can find hints on how to enable confirmation letters for single events (like a workshop or sub-event) and not the whole conference on this page:
Confirmation letters for attending single event(s)