Topic: Single-blind peer review functionality only during bidding phase?  (Read 63441 times)

The authors' names are not shown to the reviewers during the bidding phase.
However, we would like to use a single-blind review process during the bidding phase only, and thus we want the reviewers to see the authors' names but disable this function after the bidding phase.
How can we do that?

You can define a single-blind review process easily.
This function has to be enabled/disabled for all relevant tracks and submission types individually.

Please go to the submission types / tracks and edit them:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
In the section "Review Options" go to the option "Double Blind Reviews" and choose the setting "No, single blind reviews" (see image).

However, you cannot automatically limit this function to a specific phase during the reviewing process.
You can show the names of the authors to the reviewers at any given time by enabling single blind reviews. Disable the function manually if you no longer need it.

Please remember to enable double blind reviews again if you do not want reviewers to be able to see the authors' names after the bidding phase anymore.

Please consult the forum entry Are names of authors visible to reviewers? for further information on how to disable the double blind review function.