Topic: How to offer reduced fees for participants with a special registration code  (Read 109391 times)

We want to give out coupons with a special registration code for a discount. Is this possible?

Can a code also act as a gatekeeper, i.e., only if the correct code is entered hidden participant groups will appear?

Would this be possible even after the registration phase had already started?

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We strongly recommend completing the configuration of the participant registration module before you open it for attendees. Still, you can add a special participant group with a registration code for a discount at any given time, including after the registration phase has already started.
In this example, we use the same code (or code pattern) for all participants of this particular group.

You need to define when the field for the code appears (including the option for code-protected, hidden participant groups), create a new participant group for the discounted fee and define a registration code pattern or create a reference to registration codes from the list of invitations for this group.
  • Enable the option to ask for a special code for the reduced fee.
    Please go to:
    Overview => Settings => Main Settings for Participant Registration
    In the section "Participant Registration Options", choose one of the available settings for the option "Ask for a member number/ student ID / special registration code?" in order to determine when the field will appear and if hidden participant groups will only be displayed when a correct code is entered (see image 1):
  • "Yes, but show field only if required for the currently selected participant group"
    (the input field for the code will only appear when a participant group is selected that calls for a code) or
  • "Yes, always show input field"
    (the field will always be shown) or
  • "Yes, always show input field, and show/select hidden participant groups automatically based on the code."
    (the field will always be shown, but hidden participant groups will only be made available when a matching code has been entered)
  • Select "Edit phrase" in the same section to change the wording to fit your needs (see image 1).
  • Then, please go to:
    Overview => Settings => Manage Participant Groups
    Create a new group for discounted registrations.
    For the option "Registration Codes / Unique code?” you can either work with regular expressions for codes you have created externally or work with unique codes defined in the list of invitations in ConfTool.
  • When you want to work with regular expressions for codes that you have created externally, for the option "Registration Codes / Unique code?" choose either the setting "The code must match the regular expression, but several participants can use the same code." or "Yes, a unique code is required that matches the regular expression".

    For the next option "Regular expression to verify code", enter a regular expression that reflects your code pattern. 
    You find some examples below the field "Regular Expression to Verify Code" (see image 2).

    Example: "^TEST123$" (without quotes) will match exactly the string "TEST123". (You can also enter "TEST123" as pattern only, and then every code will be accepted that includes the string "TEST123".

    You find more information on regular expressions as well as examples here:
    How to use regular expressions
  • In case you are working with a list of invitations, for the option "Registration Codes / Unique code?" choose the setting "Yes, a unique code from the list of invitations is required."

    Please see Using the Invitation Function of ConfTool Pro for further information about invitations.
  • Depending on the settings (see step 1), participants will have to enter a code matching this pattern during registration when they opt for this group, or they will have to enter the code first to be able to see the code-protected participant group.
  • Enter the prices for this group and for all relevant price categories
    Please go to:
    Overview => Settings => Prices

Please test the new settings.

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