Topic: How can I send a payment reminder to all participants who haven’t paid yet?  (Read 52308 times)

Quite a large number of participants has not paid their fee yet. How can I send them a payment reminder?

You can send bulk e-mails to a particular group of participants.

Go to: Overview => Bulk E-mails => Send E-mails to Participants

In the upmost section “Select Group of Participants and other Options” choose the relevant group of participants from the drop-down menu “Payment Status”. You can select further filtering options at your discretion.
Please remember to check all the relevant e-mail addresses’ boxes for the option “Receiver E-mail Addresses”!
In the section “Message Body”, please adjust the wording for the bulk e-mail to fit your needs. Click “Submit (check data)”.

On the next page you will find more sending options, see the list of all recipients and can preview the e-mail text for individual users (click on the icon in the right-hand column). You can also exclude individual participants from receiving an e-mail.

Once you have verified all the settings, click “Send e-mails now”.