Topic: How can I send a payment reminder to all participants who haven’t paid yet?  (Read 53419 times)

Quite a large number of participants still needs to pay their fee.
How can we send them a payment reminder?

(A German version of this article is available.)

You can send bulk e-mails to a particular group of participants.

Please go to:
Overview => Bulk E-mails => Send E-mails to Participants

In the uppermost section “Select Group of Participants and other Options” choose the relevant group of participants from the drop-down menu “Payment Status” (see image 1).
You can select further filtering options at your discretion.
Please remember to check all the relevant e-mail addresses’ boxes for the option “Recipient E-Mail Addresses” (see image 1).
In the section “Message Body”, please adjust the wording for the bulk e-mail to fit your needs.
Then select “Continue and Preview the Recipient List”.

On the next page you will find more sending options, see the list of all recipients.
Here you can preview the e-mail for individual users. Please use the preview function to do spot tests by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the right-hand column (see image 2).
You can also exclude individual participants from receiving an e-mail. To do this, deselect the relevant persons in the left column.

Once you have verified all the settings, select “Send e-mails now”.
Please do not interrupt this operation, for example by closing the browser window or logging out from ConfTool.