Topic: Automatically generated e-mails are rejected and cause error messages  (Read 52023 times)

You might face the problem that automatically generated mails in the submission process are not delivered to the recipient but are sent back indicating the error message "RecipNotFound" or "Recipient not found".

"RecipNotFound" or "Recipient not found" means that the recipient no longer holds the respective mail address.

If this error message is produced quite often in the context of paper submissions, probably one of the addresses of the co-authors was entered erroneously by the submitting author. There is no reason to be concerned.

If you receive such a message for (nearly) all automatic e-mails, probably one of your e-mail addresses configured in the system is wrong.

Please check your settings and e-mail addresses on this page.
Overview => Settings => E-mail Settings
Please check if the addresses (still) exist.

If you use aliases and the e-mails are forwarded to other addresses, please also check if these addresses do all exist.

You can get an overview of the meaning of error messages on this page:
Undelivered Mail Errors: Why wasn’t my e-mail delivered?