Topic: Minimum information needed for creating user accounts  (Read 40667 times)

You might have to establish accounts for reviewers who have only given basic information like name, company name and e-mail address.

Will this be sufficient?

(A German version of this article is available.)

If users create account themselves, they have to fill in all mandatory information that is marked with an "*".
This information is required to contact them and to print invoices and other documents.

You can modify the mandatory fields here:
Overview => Settings => Settings for User Registration => Main Setup for User Registration and Management

However, if you create new user accounts as admin / organizer for other persons, the requirements are limited to:
- title / gender
- first and last name,
- e-mail address (to be able to contact reviewers and sending them bulk e-mails.)
- the country.

Please go to
Overview => User and Participant Management => Create New User Account
to create new accounts on behalf of other persons.

Please note: Creating a new user account as admin/organizer for other persons does only work in the way described above (in the backend of the ConfTool Pro system). If you try to register the person via the login page, all mandatory fields are required when you do the registration.

You can also import users with the above information into ConfTool. For detailed information on user import please see:

NB: Company / organization name is recommended but not required.
Users are requested to complete the missing information at first log in.