Topic: Should I import users of last year's conference?  (Read 51147 times)

Is it recommendable to import the user data of last year's conference?

This depends very much on your event.
If you have mostly the same persons every year, this might be helpful.
But for most events a lot of the people (authors / participants) change every year, so it might be easier not to keep all users.

Furthermore, experience shows that users often do not remember whether they had an account or not or they forget their user details / passwords.

So in most cases it causes less problems / questions, when users have to register anew.

If you still decide to import users of last year's conference, you may use the import function.
Use and function are described here in detail:

If you import the users, please send them also a bulk e-mail with their user names and passwords.
Please note that you can only send passwords in bulk e-mails from ConfTool if the users have not edited their passwords themselves.