Topic: Alternative deadline for reviewing phase seems to have no effect  (Read 64910 times)

The main review phase (in Phases and Deadlines) has already passed and you want to prolong the reviewing phase for one track / submission type and have entered an alternative deadline for the reviewing phase, but your setting seems to have no effect.

What causes this problem?

The global setting in "Phases and Deadlines" sets the final deadline, i.e., after it has passed reviewing is disabled for all tracks / submission types.

If you want to have different deadlines, you have to set an earlier deadline for reviewing for each submission type / conference track.

Please go to the submission types / tracks you want to change:
Overview => Settings => Manage Submission Types / Conference Tracks
For the option "Alternative Deadline for Review Submission" you can choose from three settings (see image):
  • Do not use an alternative deadline.
    The global deadline will be used as a hard deadline.
  • Set alternative deadline, use as soft deadline.
    Reviewers will still be able to submit reviews until the global deadline but will see a warning message when the alternative deadline has passed.
  • Set alternative deadline, use as hard deadline.
    The alternative deadline is the final deadline after which no more reviews can be entered.

Please remember to test your new settings.