Topic: Slow connection to ConfTool servers (for up- and downloads)  (Read 37754 times)

Some of our authors / organizers are in a developing country and complain that their access to ConfTool is quite slow, especially when they try to upload or download files.

What can we do?

If the local connection is slow or unstable, there is probably nothing that really can be done to solve this problem.
As organizer you can try to export data from ConfTool and work with the exported files.
If your authors have a very slow connection and problems with file uploads, you can ask them to create a new submission without file uploads and let them e-mail the files to you.

However, we noticed that access to https (secure connections) is sometimes extremely slow in some countries (for instance China). ConfTool can be set to allow https and http, then users can decide whether they want to use a secure connection or not. (This is not advisable if you use ConfTool for credit card payments, though).

Please contact us if you have the latter problem so we can change the setting.

If you host ConfTool locally, please update the file conftool.conf.php. Change:
$ctconf['web/baseurl'] = '';
$ctconf['web/baseurl'] = '';

And add the required server settings to both sections of the server, for http (port 80) and https (port 443).
Please also see:

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