Topic: Do users have to stay connected to the internet while using ConfTool?  (Read 35830 times)

Users from developing countries or in remote areas sometimes have to deal with poor internet connections.
Users with mobile devices sometimes lose the connection while accessing the Internet.

How does this affect working with ConfTool?

There is no steady connection required.
The computer or the mobile device can be disconnected at any time and work can be continued later.

Per default, the session time is set to (at least) 5 hours, so users have at least 5 hours they can stay "offline" before they have to re-connect to the Internet and access ConfTool before they are logged out.

If uploading papers becomes a problem, we recommend sending the files to the conference organizers via email.
They can perform the upload for the authors at any time.

With the mobile application Conference4me the conference agenda also will be available offline on your mobile device. About Conference4me you find more information here:

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